August 16, 2019

DEMO MEMO: This week has been a telling week for the self-serving, corrupt GOP.

The West Virginia Republican Party is in chaos a week before their annual meeting with four counties trying to kick out their Chairwoman and their Governor.

Also this week a self-serving GOP delegate resigned to become a lobbyist and another is in the middle of a prostitution ring investigation. 

But wait, there’s more: 

  • Governor Jim Justice is in hot water after the Charleston Gazette-Mail released a story that included findings of Jim Justice lining his own pockets and the Greenbrier Resort directly benefiting from state business. The story states that, “Justice continues to profit from state business, with agencies spending more than $106,000 at his resort since he took office.” This doesn’t include lobbyists that wine and dine government officials OR The West Virginia Republican Party that is hosting their annual meeting there next week expecting each individual to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jim Justice. 
  • Legislator to Lobbyist: Self-serving GOP Delegate Harshbarger is resigning to become a lobbyist for Dominion Energy. Yes, you read that right. He abandoned his constituents to continue to line his pockets with the company. He advocated for the industry during his time as Delegate and clearly always planned to leave his constituents behind. 
  • Corrupt GOP Senator Mike Maroney is being investigated for taking part in a prostitution ring in Glen Dale. His car has been searched and his cell phone has been linked,including text messages where he allegedly solicitated sex from the woman he’s connected with. The GOP often defines their own morality, and it’s clear that they are NOT the Party who abides by what they preach. 
  • The West Virginia Republican Party is heading to court. Infighting and rule violations have caused many counties to call for Melody Potter’s resignation. Their annual meeting is next week at the Greenbrier where Justice is expected to make hundreds to thousands of dollars per member. 

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