DEMO MEMO: What Trump has really done for WV


DEMO MEMO: What Trump has really done for WV

July 25, 2019

 Trump is coming to Wheeling today for a private fundraiser for his campaign. Earlier in the week, Trump claimed West Virginia is doing “really well” since he was elected President. This is what Trump has really done for West Virginia:

  • 16 WV counties are economically distressed [link]
  • WV saw its POVERTY RATE INCREASE during Trump’s first year in office to 19.1% [link]
  • 24% of WV kids are living in poverty 
  • For 3 years in a row, Trump proposed cutting funding for SNAP, which provides nutrition assistance benefits to roughly 340,000 West Virginians yearly [link]
  • Trump has relentlessly sought to take health care away from West Virginians, including nearly 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions 
    • Overturning our healthcare law would also gut protections that lower out of pocket and prescription drug costs
    • Repealing or overturning our healthcare law would gut our Medicaid expansion which has been critical to fighting the opioid epidemic [link]
    • Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is one of the plaintiffs seeking to overturn our healthcare law with no replacement [link]
  • West Virginia’s working families are set to see their taxes rise on average within the next decade [link]

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