Democrats Meet With Real West Virginians while Republicans Hold $1,000 Dinner

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Democrats Meet With Real West Virginians while Republicans Hold $1,000 Dinner

January 7, 2020

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January 7, 2020

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Democrats Meet With Real West Virginians While Republicans Hold $1,000 Dinner 

The public will not know who is influencing the Republican agenda until after the 2020 legislative session ends 

(Charleston, WV)– Tonight Democrats met with a group of constituents and community leaders in Charleston while also taking questions via live-feed on Facebook ahead of the 2020 Legislative Session. Across town, Republicans held a $1,000 per plate fundraiser taking their marching orders from special interests.

Delegate Mike Pushkin led the discussion and moderated questions with those in the room and those who tuned in via Facebook Live. The questions and concerns focused on concerns with the Republican majority’s attack on our public schools and health care, their fragile economy and lack of job creation, their tax breaks for the rich on the backs of working West Virginians, and concern with the “band-aid” fix on PEIA.

“You don’t need $1,000 to gain access to the Democratic Party,” emphasized Delegate Mike Pushkin. “We are energized and ready to work hard for the people of West Virginia this session. We won’t know who they are working for until April.”

Republican Legislators were the only ones who voted to pass increasing campaign contributions to almost three times greater than previous limits. In addition, the timing of the fundraiser held by The West Virginia Republican Legislative Committee was intentional to skirt reporting requirements during the session so that West Virginians cannot see who is buying their votes. 

“That $1,000 dinner across the street comes with IOUs,” said Delegate Shawn Fluharty. “The priority of the West Virginia Democratic Party is to put people first. Our priorities as a Party are with the people of West Virginia.”

The conversation centered around constituent disappointment in the Republican agenda that’s hurting their families and children. Delegate Barbara Fleischauer called their broken agenda a “fairytale” they are selling to West Virginians while Delegate Danielle Walker pointed to their empty promises to our children who need life-saving medical care, children in foster care, and families receiving SNAP benefits. 

Delegates Mike Caputo and Cindy Lavender-Bowe brought attention to the Republican Majority’s latest attempt to silence Democratic Legislators while keeping the public uninformed. 

“The Republican Majority will be changing the rules to take away remarks by members while constituents are at the Capitol or tuning in in an effort to keep you in the dark,” said Delegate Mike Caputo. “They are literally silencing us so that you won’t know what they are doing to hurt working families in West Virginia.”

Word is the Republican Majority is taking way remarks by members during the regular floor sessions, leaving constituents in the dark. 

“We’re fighting for you and our bills don’t get put on the agenda,” said Delegate Cindy Lavender-Bowe. “Now they want to silence our voices so you don’t know about it.”

The 2020 Legislative Session beings tomorrow. 










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