Derrick Evans is in the (Big) House

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Derrick Evans is in the (Big) House

June 22, 2022

Contact: Mike Pushkin, Chair: (304) 989-6856

For Release:  June 22, 2022

(Charleston, WV) Seventeen months after pushing through police barricades screaming, “Derrick Evans is in the House,” Mr. Evans was sentenced to just 90 days for his role in a failed attempt to usurp the constitution and prevent the 2020 election from being certified.

West Virginia Democratic Party Chair Mike Pushkin reacted to the sentencing decision saying, “While I’m glad to see him get jail time, the sentence seems more appropriate to a shoplifter than an insurrectionist. What Derrick Evans engaged in was more than an attack on our nation’s capital, it was an attack on the very bedrock of our constitutional form of government.”

“Evans and his supporters want to make it seem like they were engaged in peaceful protest.  In reality more than 140 capital police officers were injured in their violent attempt to usurp the results of a free and fair election.  Evans admitted what he did was wrong when he texted a friend, ‘should I delete it [the videos]? So there’s no evidence of what I did?’  The innocent do not have a need to delete evidence,” Pushkin said.


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