GOP has pushed 60,000 WVians out of our state


GOP has pushed 60,000 WVians out of our state

March 7, 2020

Since Republicans took over leadership in West Virginia nearly 60,000 residents have left our state.

Most of these West Virginians have been forced out because of the Republican Majority’s lack of job creation, the rollback of workers’ safety regulations and protections, and the Republican ideal that out-of-state corporations are more important than the West Virginians who depend on them.

Though student enrollment has also been down, the students that do choose to go to school here leave too.

They are taking money from our public schools to give to private schools and denying our children of good quality education. Parents and grandparents have to leave the state to see their children and grandchildren.

The Republican majority isn’t doing anything to help them either. They’re threatening the health care for nearly 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions under the direction of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and attacking social security and Medicare. 

Not only is the Republican Majority in this state forcing our residents to leave, but they are also hurting the ones that choose to stay.

Due to our drug crisis and other severe problems facing the state of West Virginia,  over 7,000 children in West Virginia are in state care. In 2019 the Department of Education reported over 10,000 children and youth had been identified as homeless for the 2018-2019 school year.

Nondiscrimination laws being pushed by Democrats to protect West Virginians have been fought every step of the way and vital Democratic programs that would help West Virginians in need have been denied.

Our roads are still crumbling and Republicans voted no to allocating more money in the budget to fix them. Instead, they are allowing more money into the Supreme Court for lavish spending and refusing to allocate any extra funds to such problematic issues.

During the budget debate in the House of Delegates, over a dozen Democratic amendments were voted down by the Republican majority. These amendments included more money to repair our roads, programs that defend and protect domestic violence survivors, the Drug-Free Mother-Baby program, bulletproof vests for our State Police, coronavirus preparedness, and allocating more money for food banks across the state of West Virginia.

How do we expect people to stay here or come here with crumbling roads and our people hurting?

Republicans have proven time and time again that their priorities lie with the wealthy out-of-state corporations. They belong to them.

If Democrats were in power right now, lifesaving programs would be in place. Our students and teachers would be getting the resources they need, not resources taken away from them. Our roads would be better repaired. West Virginians would not be facing uncertainty about their health care. From students to seniors, you would be taken care of and not ignored.

We have to change the course of our state. We have to demand that our people be represented and fought for. We cannot endure 4 more years of Republican control.

Elected Democrats in West Virginia have one thing in common and that’s putting West Virginians first. Each piece of legislation, new regulation, policy, or solution always bears one thing in mind and that’s what will keep our people here and what will bring more people here.

We have to elect Democrats in November. The future of West Virginia depends on it.

The Primary Election is May 12th and the General Election November 3rd.


Update: West Virginians will be mailed Absentee Applications due to the COVID-19 crisis in WV. 

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