Let’s close the gap..


Let’s close the gap..

April 10, 2018

Fellow Democrat,

Today is April 10th 2018, Equal Pay Day. This day symbolizes the date women must work up until to make the same amount that men made working in 2017.

We have to do better. Women across the country make roughly $.80 for every $1 their male counterparts make. That’s a 20% pay gap.

Equal pay for equal work. It’s THAT SIMPLE.

Rankings in the workplace and in political offices are rapidly becoming dominated by women, but it’s not enough when we still face discrimination (of many kinds) in the workplace.

Women rise year after year, higher and higher, chipping away at that glass ceiling. How do we expect our future generations of women to break that glass ceiling if we aren’t provided equal opportunity across the board? & that includes equal pay for equal work.

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