Let’s Fight for 55!

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Let’s Fight for 55!

May 5, 2018

Fellow Democrat,

Democrats have turned out for early voting in big numbers and that’s the first step to turning West Virginia blue in November!

Today, along with support from all 55 counties, we are proud to launch our “Fight for 55” initiative to continue the fight for West Virginia workers and their families. Can we count you in for $5 today to continue the fight for West Virginia workers and their families?

Ever since the Republicans took the majority in the Statehouse, we’ve seen nothing but attacks on West Virginia workers and their families and that stops now.

During this past session teachers, school service personnel and fellow state workers showed up in thousands to their Capitol to tell the Republican Leadership that enough is enough.

With Democrat support, they were able to secure a 5% pay raise across the board and today we’re asking you to continue the fight with us. 

Donate $5 today to commit to continuing the fight for all West Virginians. 

With your support of just $5 we stop the attack on West Virginia workers by Republican leadership and corporate bosses. We won before and we can do it again.

I know you, like our supporters in all 55 counties want to help so..

click here to donate $5 today and become a member of our “Fight for 55” campaign.


Belinda Biafore, WVDP Chairwoman


P.O. Box 11926
Charleston, WV 25339

(304) 342-6606

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