Morrisey Busted Again For Using His Office to Help Senate Run

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Morrisey Busted Again For Using His Office to Help Senate Run

October 13, 2017

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October 13, 2017


Morrisey Busted Again For Using His Office to Help Senate Run

Supreme Court rejects Morrisey case that hurt small businesses and renters

Hoppy Kercheval says Morrisey is on “thin ice”

CHARLESTON, WV— Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is under fire for using his office to help promote his political career.

Morrisey recently filed a lawsuit that would’ve forced renters to pay more. Yesterday, the West Virginia Supreme Court struck down Morrisey’s case to broaden regulations on mom and pop landlords, resulting in landlords passing on additional costs to renters. Some renters in West Virginia have already seen their monthly rent go up because their landlords have had to spend big money on legal fees due to Morrisey.

Attorney General Morrisey is using his position of power to help his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

This morning, Hoppy Kercheval called out Morrisey for being on “thin ice” and asks an important question in his column: Does Morrisey have the authority to appropriate state funds to another agency? The more important question is, are these special Morrisey appropriations just stunts to grab media attention?

West Virginians want to know if Morrisey’s actions in office amount to anything other than using taxpayer money to try and further his political career. Is this how it works in his home state of New Jersey?

“It appears that Patrick Morrisey is using our tax dollars to campaign for another office,” said Belinda Biafore, Chairwoman of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “His focus is getting media attention; not doing the job he was just elected to do. West Virginians need to know that Morrisey doesn’t care how much money he wastes, as long as he gets to promote himself.”


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