On Friday news broke that ICE was raiding communities and businesses


On Friday news broke that ICE was raiding communities and businesses

August 21, 2019

Fellow Democrats,

On Friday news broke that ICE was raiding communities and businesses across the state of West Virginia. As Mountaineers do, we began looking out for each other. That’s who we are as West Virginians, and that’s who we are supposed to be as Americans. 

Donald Trump turned fear and hate into a campaign tactic when he ran for President. Since then, he’s done nothing but turn those hateful tactics into real attacks on immigrant communities and communities of color. 

Is that who we are as Americans? Absolutely not.  

These raids are attacks on people who work hard, pay taxes, and are raising their families here. They are giving back to our communities and making a difference. These are children who are growing up here and going to school while being scared each day when they return home; their parents won’t be there. These are parents who work in fear every single day, but still, they work to provide for their children and families.

The hate instilled in America by this administration is like nothing we’ve ever seen, and it must come to an end. Donald Trump’s only goal is to divide us as a country so he can further his life-threatening political agenda. 

Keeping families together, keeping our communities strong, and coming together when times are tough is what makes us Mountaineers. We have to remember that, and we have to keep fighting to protect all of us. 

These actions by our government under Trump’s direction are despicable and unacceptable.  We will have our say in 2020 when we vote him out, but until then we continue the fight. 

I want to thank you for coming together and fighting to protect our fellow West Virginians, and now we must continue onward.

Belinda Biafore, WVDP Chairwoman




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