Support CWA, Support WV Workers


Support CWA, Support WV Workers

March 16, 2018

Fellow Democrat,
We stopped Republican leadership from halting a pay raise for teachers, school service personnel, and state employees and we can do it again
West Virginia workers have had enough and we will continue the fight to be sure that West Virginia workers have good wages, good jobs, and good benefits. We need your support. 
First and foremost, we support CWA workers on strike against Frontier Communications. We believe that workers deserve what they are owed and what they are promised. We will fight alongside our brothers and sisters until they get what they deserve. Their contract expired last August and it’s past time for them to get a solution. Today is day 13 of the strike and community support could not be higher.
Today we sat down with Ed Mooney, International Vice President and he had a few things to say about Frontier Communications and their broken promises to the workers of West Virginia. 
This strike is all about having the company commit to their own employees and secure their jobs here in West Virginia and living up to the commitment they made to the state of West Virginia.”  
“Unfortunately, what we have gotten is the cut of hundreds of good, middle-class job and the threat of cutting hundreds more.” 
Republican leadership is on the side of these companies that continue to lower wages, strip benefits, and break promises made to good, hardworking West Virginians. We need you to stand alongside us so that we can ensure that come November, that Republican leadership is gone. 
Our workers in West Virginia, like our brothers and sisters of CWA are fed up. We are too. Sign up here today to join us in supporting CWA workers on strike and all West Virginia workers that are fighting for better wages and simply,  what they are owed

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