WV Democratic Party to Meet for Election of Officers 2022-2026

Contact: Belinda Biafore, Chair

(304) 641-2394

(Charleston, WV) – The West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee will gather for the 2022-2026 Organization Meeting on Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 10 am at Bridgeport Conference Center, Bridgeport, West Virginia. The agenda follows.

 Welcome from Chair Belinda Biafore

  • Juneteenth Celebration
  • WVDP Staff Update

Order of Business:

  • Call to Order by Chair
  • Calling of the Roll
  • Review of nominating and voting procedures
  • Filling of Vacancy: 15th District Male
  • Election of At-Large Members
  • Reading of Minutes of Last Meeting
  • Appointment of Appointed At-Large Members
  • Filling of Vacancies
  • Election of New Chair
  • Election of Other Officers
  • Resolutions
  • Good of the Order
  • Adjournment


The following shall be elected:

Filling of vacancy:  15th Senate District Male

At-Large (2 to be elected)

Appointment of members from the Affirmative Action Committee:

3 from 1st Congressional District

3 from 2nd Congressional District


1st Vice Chair

2nd Vice Chair

Associate Chair Female (non-voting)

Associate Chair Male (non-voting)

Vice Chair 1st Congressional District Female

Vice Chair 1st Congressional District Male

Vice Chair 2nd Congressional District Female

Vice Chair 2nd Congressional District Male


Associate Secretary



 The public may view the proceedings on the WVDP YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMm9Ls63n5fIYmMUym5RBMw

All meetings of the West Virginia State Democratic Executive Committee are open to the public.

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